Stein Eriksen Ski Films

If you've found your way to this page, welcome. I bet you love skiing. The man who played a huge part in publicizing the sport of skiing is Stein Eriksen. Producer Terri Marie teamed up with the legendary skier and filmed three ski movies with him and several documentaries that aired on PBS and KABC. Here is a site that will give you ski tips, articles, and of course access to the films that show some of the most beautiful skiing you've ever seen.

Stein Eriksen
  • He was called a Nordic God;

  • He was the father of freestyle skiing;

  • He won the first Olympic Gold medal in Alpine skiing;

  • He has a lifetime contract as Director of Skiing at Deer Valley Resort;

  • He is the visionary who designed the most luxurious ski resort in the country and The famous Stein Eriksen Lodge;

  • and much more.....The Legend continues.

Please look around the site for some ski advice that you may find helpful and make your time on the slopes more enjoyable.

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