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Stein Eriksen The Heart of Skiing
Rell Mountain Pictures
The Heart of Skiing (DVD)

TRT 44 minutes plus large bonus sections

* Premiered at The Quinney Olympic Center in Park City, Utah.

"This is the most beautiful skiing you have ever seen!"

For the Ski Enthusiast. Legendary ski champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, Stein Eriksen gives a lifetime of excellent ski tips and advice. Filmed at the beautiful Deer Valley Resort, Utah. Join this world famous skier to take your skiing to a whole new level. Ski history buffs will love this.

In This Fabulous Ski Movie Stein Eriksen Will Show You:
  • The basics of snow skiing;
  • Excellent ski lesson tips and advice;
  • How to tackle the steeper slopes;
  • Tips on skiing powder;
  • Snow skiing instruction;
  • How to make a short radius turn;
  • Advice on running gates for racing;
  • Stunning scenery!
And That's Not All! These Special Ski Features are Included:
  • The only knighted Okympic Champion skier;
  • Never before seen footage;
  • Exclusive film of Stein and his son Bjorn;
  • Exclusive ski tips by Stein;
  • How to enjoy skiing with your family; and

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The Heart of Skiing Reviews

"A film that every ski enthusiast should have in their personal collection."

~ Gary Nate

"More than any other man he has spread the gospel that
skiing is beauty in motion."

~ Otto Lang, for Ski Hall of Fame

"We congratulate Stein Eriksen...a man who...has set the standard
for skiing excellence for us all."

~ Al Stark, Senior VP AT&T

"As Michelangelo found a way to infuse the eternal rest of sculpture with motion, so Stein could make the most extravagant moves seem restful...that winter, we understood that nobody skied like Stein."

~ Nicholas Howe, SKIING Magazine

"Terri's invocation of Stein Eriksen's humanity and his superb professionalism in the film she showed, The Heart of Skiing at the International Ski History Association dinner in honor of Stein at Deer Valley was an outstanding example of artistry and passion in the pursuit of a true and revealing historical record."

~ Morten Lund, Secretary ISHA Chairman, US Ski Hall of Fame Selection Committee - International Ski History Association

"I definitely thought as I think did most attendees that your presentation about Stein Eriksen was the highlight of the week. It captured so well Steins history and his great contribution to the SnowSports world all these many years. A fascinating and well-produced film. You captured perfectly the essence of the man."

~ Bernard E. Weichsel, President BEWI Productions Inc., Producer of
SnowSports Expos - Bewi Productions Inc.

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Regular Price: $24.95

Special Tribute to Stein Offer:
$15.00 plus shipping
(USA only)

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The Legendary Skier
The Legendary Skier
(Currently unavailable, please check back later.)

* Featured at Mt. Film Festival in Telluride, CO and aired Christmas Day on KABC.

As the Director of Skiing at Deer Valley Resort in Utah, Olympian Stein Eriksen has made his mark on the world and now he is more than a legend. He is a film! The Legendary Skier: The Stein Eriksen Story is a 38 minute video which chronicles Stein's life, starting with his childhood in Norway and the parents and brother who nurtured his love and skill for skiing.

With Stein telling much of the story himself, viewers will see his family photographs and hear descriptive tales of his Olympic medals, competitions and the twists and turns of the ski industry over the past 50 years.

An alluring combination of old family movie footage, ski archive materials and dazzling shots of Stein's signature ski style in glistening powder fields will intrigue any snow sports lover.

Amusing personal stories pepper the film's history. Learn about Stein's 1:00 p.m. flip and hear about what his mother did during Stein's Gold Medal giant slalom race. The humor in which he describes both his successes and his failures in the film and his boundless joy for the sport of skiing and the great outdoors is infectious in this video.

This film will make a great gift for any ski lover.

The Legendary Skier Reviews

"A magnificent film."

~ John Jay, John Jay Productions,
1917-2001 America's first ski filmmaker

"Like the Stein video...nice, easy touch."

~ Morten Lund, International Ski History Association

"Skiing in Stein's tracks is one of the greatest thrills anyone can have on a mountain. This film shows why."

~ Fred R.Smith, Ski Writer

"The Legendary Skier is a wonderful movie."

~ Ray Leverton, Curator,
USA National Ski Hall of Fame

Stein Eriksen
Stein A Man & His Mountain (TV Program)

* Aired twice on PBS in Southern California and also aired on KTVX.

The Man and His Mountain described the journey Stein Eriksen took after he won the Olympics in Norway to the 7 Mountain resorts he came to in America ending up at Deer Valley Resort as Director of Skiing.