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Stein Eriksen Ski Films

Developing Flexibility

Being flexible means not only developing flexibility within your body, but also being able to adapt to changes on the mountain. A good skier must learn the importance of adjustment and develop an awareness of this key component ... Read More

Stein Eriksen Ski Films

How to Prepare for Skiing

Before you come to the mountain you have two things to get ready: your skiing gear and your body. Get your gear in shape and your body in condition to allow yourself to have the best time possible on the slopes... Read More

Stein Eriksen Ski Films

Stein Eriksen: One of the Most Important Skiers Who Ever Lived

Stein Eriksen broke into the ski scene in a huge way when he won the 1952 Gold Medal for Slalom skiing in his native Oslo, Norway. He also won a Silver medal in Combined and went onto to win 3 gold medals ... Read More

Gary Nate

Director of Photography, Gary Nate Talks about Filming Stein

I've filmed ski movies for Warren Miller for over 27 years. In filming the ski legends, there's no one like the great Stein Eriksen. He is an amazing skier, a wonderful person and a true ambassador for the sport... Read More