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Gary Nate

Gary Nate
Ski Director of Photography

Hello Ski Friends,

I am Gary Nate and I've filmed ski movies for Warren Miller for over 27 years. In filming the ski legends, there's no one like the great Stein Eriksen. He is an amazing skier, a wonderful person and a true ambassador for the sport.

When I first started skiing, I witnessed Stein Eriksen do a front layout. I thought it was the most amazing and beautiful thing I had ever seen. As a result, I was inspired to spend a lot of time learning about Stein and his famous family of skiers, and hoped someday just to be able to meet him.

Almost thirty years ago, when I was doing my first ski movie. Skiers to Match the Mountains, I approached Stein in Park City. I introduced myself, threw in that I was a cousin of Dean Perkins (1952 USA Ski Team champion) and asked Stein if he would be in my ski movie.

I held my breath for Stein's answer. Not only was the answer "Yes!" but he also had the ski patrol close off a run to allow us to film for half of the day. That day we formed a friendship and a bond that has endured for 30 years.

I've always said Stein is one of my ten favorite people of all time so it was a pleasure to work with the master on his latest movie, which we filmed at the luxurious Deer Valley Resort for five consecutive winter seasons. The resulting movie, The Heart of Skiing, will become a ski movie classic.

Producer Terri Marie's dedication to portraying the absolute best of Stein as he shares his life on the slopes with you, has made this a film that every ski enthusiast should have in their personal collection. Like a great pair of skis or boots, Stein's new movie will help make your every ski day better when you go with Stein right into the Heart of Skiing.

It just doesn't get better than skiing with Stein.


Gary Nate
Director of Photography
Warren Miller Entertainment

P.S. On The Heart of Skiing DVD are 11 bonus sections with stories on how "The Stein Turn" originated and Stein Eriksen Day with Governor Mike Levitt of Utah and Mitt Romney, Director of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. This is a movie packed with amazing ski value.

Watch a video clip of Gary
talking about filming Stein.

Gary Nate
Gary Nate and Stein Eriksen

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