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Before you come to the mountain you have two things to get ready: your skiing gear and your body. Get your gear in shape and your body in condition to allow yourself to have the best time possible on the slopes.

Stein Eriksen

To develop your skiing muscles you can practice sports that use the same muscle groups. Some sports use muscle similar to skiing, like biking, water skiing, rollerblading, running, even tennis with its quick starts and stops. Choose a few of these sports to get your skiing muscles conditioned. Knee bends are great leg strengtheners.

Skiing is mainly a lower body sport, using mostly your legs and feet. Exercises that develop and strengthen your feet and legs will make your days on the mountains far more rewarding and long lasting. Your upper body moves far less than your lower body but you still want your arms in relatively good shape for when you need them – like carrying your skis.

Be sure to check your ski equipment if you own it. Condition your skis by taking them into a good ski shop to get the edges and bottoms of the skis filed and ready for the slopes.

Your boots are the most important piece of ski equipment you own. Make sure they still fit you well this year. Make sure they are completely dry on the inside before you ski.

By taking a little bit of time to prepare your body and equipment, when you get on the slopes you will be ready for fun and in better condition to enjoy all that snow!

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